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But, I Chose To Look At A Brighter Side

Updated: May 6, 2020

I am probably in a small percentage of Americans who, from the beginning, managed well with the news as state by state went under Stay At Home orders. I am currently on furlough from my retail job and a position at a hot yoga studio, and still...I am managing well. I'd love to share why.

Of course I have bills and rent. Of course all of this is extremely wild and not something majority of us could have ever imagined; living through a pandemic! But, I chose to look at a brighter side. The side where I can now take the time to complete things I was putting on the back burner due to working so much and auditioning. I was barely home prior to this! I was really home to sleep, and the next day it was move, move, move. 

The feeling of constantly having to move took about a week and a half to get out of my system. I felt like I had to be doing something, I was trying to keep up with posting content for social media, working out like a mad woman, songwriting, finding little chores to do...until it hit me; I can chill. And that I did. After that week and a half of doing the most, I took about a week to literally do nothing. I caught up on my favorite shows that were airing (6!), watched some movies on Netflix, and literally did nothing. Then after about a week of that I thought to myself, "Ok, you can be productive now." I thought of the many things I've been wanting to do, that I didn't make time for before.

I enjoy home decor, and my place is bare and some things still in boxes due to not wanting to put the energy into organizing and decorating...even though I wanted to! I've started with my bedroom, I removed a couch from the living space to create a studio for creating videos and photography. I've wanted to own more plants than the one I had, so I took on being a plant owner. I started the works of creating a blog/vlog before the lockdown, and began putting more energy into that with the help of some friends. I've learned new recipes that I am enjoying cooking! My favorite so far is chicken curry...OMG SO GOOD! I'm not biased, it's really good! And I am ALL about chillin' when it's deserved or your body needs it, so I am certainly making sure I get that in because once the orders are lifted, everything is going to be on a thousand and I don't want to wish I'd taken the time to focus on things I want to and, I'm doing it now! 

I understand that not everyone has the same mindset and that there are people who are taking unemployment and being at home hard. I do hope those people can find a brighter and positive side during all of this, and make the most of the situation. I know some things are easier said than done, but the energy going into being worried and fearful will only make things worse. Been there in different aspects of my life, so I know! 

What do you love to do that you haven't done in a while? Are you always on the go and can use the time to just relax? What is something new you've wanted to try? Really think about those questions if you're struggling. It's something to think about to help you feel better. 

We are almost there! We've gotten this far, let's keep pushing!

- Jessica M. Legrair


Headshot Photographer: Leah Huebner

Blog Cover Photographer: Ty Milford

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