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Executing My Right To Vote Safely and Filled With Pride

This election, our young people are playing a huge part in shaping our future. They are casting their votes and telling others to do the same.

Today, we are honored to hear from young leader, first time voter, and

Hear Her Roar program participant -

Briana Adindu

Briana, how did you vote and why did you choose that voting option? Is this how you imagined your first voting experience?

I chose to vote in person. Although health was a major concern, I did not want to pass up my first opportunity of getting to vote in the presidential election. This is not how I imagined my first voting experience going. Doing something new brought on a lot of anxiety, but the workers were very nice and talked you through each step.

We're happy to hear the poll workers are so helpful!

Why is participating in this election important to you?

This country has been moving in a relatively positive direction in recent years regarding equal rights and treatment for people of all walks of life. The people placed in power are supposed to have our best interest at heart and actively work to progress this country even further, not undo the beautiful work we have done so far.

We agree! Describe how you felt casting your vote.

Casting my vote felt empowering and nerve wrecking at the same time.

"Knowing that women and men before me fought for this right and I was able to execute it in a safe environment filled me with pride. "

The nervousness set in hoping that the election would turn out in my favor.

Excellent way to make our ancestors proud!

Why do you think young people don’t vote at higher rates? What factors are unique to young people’s experiences that make them less likely to participate in elections?

Most young people are not as educated as they need to be with the everyday issues that occur or how our government works. Additionally, they have this mentality that if an issue is not directly affecting them, it doesn’t matter. Young people with the ability to vote need to realize that it is a privilege to not have to actively fight everyday to be treated fairly, a privilege to not have other people’s circumstances apply to them. We live in a time where it is easy to perceive most of the heavy lifting as being done, but that cannot be farther from the truth.

What would you say to other people your age who don’t think their votes matter?

"History has proven time and time again that changes will not be made unless you speak up. Your vote today might in the near future be what inspires positive change within our government."

With a system as broken as ours, yes it is easy to get discouraged. But every step in the right direction counts. You won’t get the changes you seek unless you take the first step!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience voting or the importance of participating in this election?

In person voting was made very safe with numerous measures in place to ensure and reinforce your safety. Additionally, not participating in this election gives more power to the person currently holding office. By not voting because you don’t particularly like either candidates, you are actively increasing the current president’s chances!

Great points, Briana. Staying true to our Hear Her Roar motto, thank you for using your voice today. Your call-to-action will inspire young people across the country!


At YGAB, we believe in sharing the voice of our youth and providing a platform for their unfiltered views. In doing so, we hope to inspire young people to freely share their thoughts and opinions. YGAB does not support any political candidate or contribute to Political Action Committees.

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