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How We Choose May Affect The Rest of the World For Generations

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This election, our young people are playing a huge part in shaping our future. They are casting their votes and telling others to do the same.

Today, we are honored to hear from young leader and first time voter -

Ashton Orosa.

Ashton, how did you vote and why did you choose that voting option? Is this how you imagined your first voting experience?

I voted using a mail-in ballot this year. I decided to vote this way because with COVID rates increasing, I think it’s the safest way to vote. It isn’t how I imagined I’d be voting for the first time, but these are unprecedented times.

These are unprecedented times indeed.

Why is participating in this election important to you?

This election, like any election, determines our country’s leadership for the next few years. However, in a time when many Americans are struggling due to the effects of COVID-19, choosing the right leaders is more important than ever.

Great point! Choosing the right leader is vital. Knowing how important it is to choose the right leadership, describe how you felt casting your vote.

I definitely felt nervous, knowing that I was playing a part in the direction of the entire country. But I also felt empowered knowing that, for the first time, I would have a say in an election’s outcome.

"It made me feel like I had a voice."

Why do you think young people don’t vote at higher rates? What factors are unique to young people’s experiences that make them less likely to participate in elections?

Young people have just had the door to voting opened to them. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that they might not jump straight into it. Many young people don’t know how to vote, or where to go, or who to vote for yet. They are in the unique and difficult position of having to figure out the business of democracy, and maybe they don’t know all the ins and outs like their parents and grandparents.

What would you say to other people your age who don’t think their votes matter?

To young people who think their votes don’t matter, I would say this: How many others think the same thing? If we added up all the potential votes from people who decided not to vote, it could turn any close election. Change the next leader we find ourselves under.

"How we choose may affect the rest of the world for generations."

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience voting or the importance of participating in this election?

I would say that it’s easier than you might think. Talk to your relatives or research online about how to vote in your county. Even a quick Google search can end up bringing you out to the polls this November.

"Our democracy is at its best when it’s everyone putting their heads together to vote on the direction of our nation."

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Ashton.

You are an incredible leader and we are grateful to share your views with our YGAB family!


At YGAB, we believe in sharing the voice of our youth and providing a platform for their unfiltered views. In doing so, we hope to inspire young people to freely share their thoughts and opinions. YGAB does not support any political candidate or contribute to Political Action Committees.

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