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COVID-19 Through The Eyes of GEN Z

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

At first, COVID-19 was everyone’s best friend. She extended our spring break, made flights cheap enough for us to go anywhere and kept older people in the house. Generation Z did what we always do amidst world-wide panics and made light out of the situation. Memes were made and punchlines were hit, posts went viral and then the magnitude of the pandemic began to settle in. The idea of the entire world being on pause and many things being cancelled, didn’t cross a lot of our young minds at first. #Coronacation was simply an extended spring break. Now, the plans we all had for 2020 seem washed away. Millions of teens won’t get their senior prom. Won’t get to walk the stage. And for athletes, the last opportunity for scholarships may very well be lost. SATs weren’t taken, competitions went unattended. It’s almost as if the year is cancelled.

Many of us are left asking, “What now?” 2020 marked the dates of things that we waited for and anticipated our entire lives. All that’s left to do is remain hopeful and trust that things will work themselves out. Putting your trust in God, the universe, or really anything is scary and anxiety inducing. The most important thing to focus on is your mental health, staying positive, being safe, and staying prepared. The pressure of knowing that you could potentially infect a vulnerable person with a vicious virus can seem daunting. It is important to remember that everything happens for a reason and all we can do as of now is follow the rules, laws and regulations put in place by the government and the CDC.

With all that being said, go outside! Following CDC guidelines, of course. Text your mom and tell her how good the roses smell. Don’t touch them though, you don’t know where they’ve been. You can exercise! Get that body right for the summer we’re all hoping we still get to have. Do your nails, slay that wig, sew up a new clothing piece, write a book, do anything and everything that’s available to you. And most importantly, stay safe and stay healthy.

- Daylon Berry

11th Grade, Class of 2021

Honor Roll Student

Track & Field Athlete, UIL 1-6A Regional Finals & AAU Junior Olympic Qualifier

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Apr 15, 2020

Daylon, you wrote this really well! Great job! Thank you for your honesty and transparency with how you initially viewed the pandemic (as well as your generation). I also LOVE the you in it at the end...that screams your personality and realness. You're a great writer :) "don't touch the roses, you don't know where they've been" hahaha and yes...mental health is CRUCIAL during these times. I'm glad you're with the family - take care :)

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